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Move and Storage in Beijing, Move to Shanghai,Tianjin,Wuhan,Suzhou?

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Beijing Moving Storage and Transportation Service Company provides professional personal belongings' moving, company moving, factory moving, long-distance moving, furniture disassembly, equipment moving and hoisting, moving equipment, moving piano, fish tank, home appliance moving, urban distribution, porters Unloading service, disembarking, loading, handling temporary worker, providing van moving etc., can run long-distance moving, short-distance moving in the city, is a moving company with a good reputation in Beijing.

Main business scope

1. Moving services - individual moving, piano moving, office moving, household effects moving
2. Company moving, moving/factory moving services - office companies in the city moving, enterprises and institutions moving, long and short distance moving, factory moving, office building, lifting and hoisting, unloading containers, piano moving and all kinds of valuable items removal
3. Truck moving, van moving - long and short distance transportation, cargo loading and unloading, unloading and loading
4. Furniture disassembly and assembly - all kinds of furniture disassembly, professional disassembly and assembly personnel to serve you, exquisite technology, rapid disassembly and assembly, so that you are satisfied and assured
5. Packaging service - provide cartons, and various packaging materials, proxy packaging, professional furniture packaging, and sorting items on behalf of customers.
6. Labor timing - suitable for customers who have a close handling distance, only use people, do not need to use cars, handling, unloading and unloading

【Note】: Valuables: small valuables such as identity documents, gold jewelry, decorations, famous bags, and famous watches shall be kept by the customer himself.

Moving service process

1. Telephone consultation: special person receives customer telephone consultation, and initially understands the customer's moving date, route, which floor, whether it is disassembled and assembled, whether need move heavy items such as pianos, safes, etc.

Second, telephone valuation: door-to-door valuation: after telephone consultation, if there are not many items to move, it is a small moving (about 1--3 van or trucks), and telephone quotation can be used. Sign a verbal agreement. If it is a large-scale moving, our company has a salesman, free door-to-door assessment, and provide moving suggestions, explanations and precautions.

3. Sign the moving acceptance letter: The moving acceptance letter can be signed immediately after the on-site assessment. Before moving, if customers need packaging materials such as cartons and tapes, they will be provided on time.

4. Dispatch on time: according to the number of furniture items, assign suitable vehicles and porters, and then arrive on time according to the auspicious time of the customer.

5. Positioning service: according to the classification of customer furniture items, Loading to the van or truck in order; After arriving at the new home, it will be stacked to right place according to the customer's requirement.

6. Satisfaction payment: After moving, check whether the items are lost and damaged, and pay after you satisfied.

Provide Chaoyang, Haidian Changping, Fengtai, Daxing, Tongzhou, Fangshan, Shunyi, Xicheng, Dongcheng, Miyun, Shijingshan, Mentougou moving services. Resident moving, personal moving, long-distance moving, high-altitude hoisting, disassembling furniture, unloading containers, manpower moving, office moving, office moving, container loading and unloading, hanging sofa packing, large, medium and small moving, student moving, single aristocratic moving, employee moving, company moving, unit moving, long-distance moving, on-call, moving valuables, packing service, night service, multi-site moving, equipment moving, long and short distance moving, factory moving, office moving, fees, prices, no markup, professional disassembly and assembly of wardrobes, Furniture assembly and packaging, up and down the basement, equipment transfer, goods transfer, disassembly and installation, moving price, how much to move, short distance moving, small moving upstairs, moving workers, hourly workers, manual handling

Telephone contact: 13717772317 Mr. An   WeChat: beijingmover



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